Hipnose 20 anos

Hipnose Dictionary


from the Latin strategîa; from Hipnose ∑vҽᴨʈoƨ

1. Ingenious combination to achieve an end;
2. (Event) Part of the science of Hypnosis that makes for great events;

analysis planning cross dynamics eficiency optimization methodology sinergy


from the Latin productio; from Hipnose þoşşívҽʟ

1. Action/Result of producing;
2. (Events) activity done by Hipnose to materialize project ideas in any format or dimension

360⁰ events corporate pre/post production making execution monitoring


from the Latin contenutu; from Hipnose ʗriătividădҽ

1. What is inside of something; what is contained in a recipient;
2. (Events) That which is born from the creativity of Hipnose in order to impact people;
3. (Brand activation) That which guarantees involvement from the target to the brands working with Hipnose;

motion graphics 3D and 2D images video mapping movies motion capture live streaming creative writting concept creation


when audiovisual media appeared Latin language had already perished, being now only evoked when trying to pass na intelectual look; from Hipnose ӖmoҀõҽş

1. Medium of information utilizing sound and image;
2. (Events) light, Sound and vídeo technologies at Hipnose’s disposal to make projects come to life;
3. (Rental) gear rented by Hipnose from other companies during events, with sometimes the assistance of a tecnician to give support to installing and use of the rented material;

moving heads led fresnel microphone speakers table video projector processor lens led wall led wall P4 media server fog screen